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Welcome to the Multiverse!

on Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:37 am
Bob Kane, co-creator of Batman wrote:''It is difficult to separate, at times, the myth from the truth.''

DC Comics is an American comic book publishing house founded in 1934, under the name National Allied Publications. Before officially adopting the name DC Comics (an abbreviation of Detective Comics, the title of the comic book featuring Batman) in 1977, the publishing house had already established a reputation among comic book enthusiasts. DC Comics brought the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern to life, but also created some of the most famed comic book villains in history, like the Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Reverse-Flash and Sinestro. 

The characters and world of DC Comics have been, and still are, a source of inspiration to many, be they famed filmmakers, video game developers, or just your average fans yearning to give a personal touch to their beloved world. The totality of DC Comics' worlds is known as the Multiverse and contains every known (and unknown) world shown within the comic books and derivative materials. Taking inspiration from that variety of worlds, this site enables its users to explore every corner of the DC Multiverse in whichever way they desire. 

The name Abandoned Hope was chosen as a reference to the constant struggle of the characters to keep hope alive in a world where psychotic clowns, tyrannical businessmen and overpowered space gods yearn to destroy its very fabrics with every breath they take. In a world devoid of hope, a world where hope has both been abandoned by and has abandoned the world, the heroes need to restore their fate in humanity, but also restore its fate in them. 

The main plot(s) of Abandoned Hope are located in a separate world. Events happening within that world affect each other, be they local or global, and it is important to keep track of consistency. As far as the Multiverse is concerned, stories set within the different Elseworlds of DC Comics' Multiverse do not affect the characters and stories of the main world, unless otherwise noted. Before you begin playing, be sure to check our rules and guidelines. And, most importantly, have fun and...

Welcome to the Multiverse!
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