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Plot Overview

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:05 am
Welcome to Abandoned Hope! Here, you can find a rough outline for all the main plots for our main world. For more details, please visit the section you desire.
Justice LeaguePlot to be announced soon.
BatmanThe current plot is dealing with Batman's struggle against the Riddler, who's framing the Dark Knight for a series of crimes.
SupermanThe current plot is dealing with the Man of Steel's fight with Blackfire in Metropolis.
Wonder WomanWith no specific individual plot, Diana is aiding Batman in his fight against Nygma.
FlashMain plot to be determined.
AquamanWith no specific plot, Aquaman is exploring the realm of international diplomacy in order to better position himself within the human world.
Green LanternMain plot to be determined.
Teen TitansThe current plot is centered around the formation of the group itself and the troubles that arise during that process.

The existence of specific plots does not mean that you are restricted in any way. There plots are just general ideas and important events that allow you to participate with more ease and to know what's happening where at every moment. You are still free to explore each world as you wish and to undertake your specific plots with different players, just watch out that you do not contradict any of the main events from the stories. Have fun!
Last updated: September 8, 2017
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