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Katherine Kane

on Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:07 pm
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Katherine Kane
a.k.a. Batwoman

Full Name: Katherine Rebecca Kane
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Socialite and Caped Vigilante

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Batfamily

Universe: Batman
Elseworld: Main Universe
Residence: Gotham City, New Jersey

Face Claim: Jessica Chastain

Player Name: Voxxy


Katherine Kane was born with her twin sister,  Elizabeth Kane, was born to Gotham's affluent and influential Kane family. Both her father and mother were in high military position, and always instilled a strong sense of duty and honour on their daughters. Beth and Kate had always been best of friends, seeming having been born with a  deep bond. The two were scarcely seen apart. From a young age, Kate was determined to follow in her parents' footsteps and join their ranks. However, while they were relocated to Brussels, Kate, Beth and their mother were kidnapped and held for ransom by terrorists. While being held captive, Kate's mother put up a struggle in an attempt to free herself and her daughters, and was swiftly executed by their captors. Shortly after, a team of marines stormed the building and rescued Katherine, however they were unable to find Beth.

Kate and her father returned to Gotham shortly afterwords. Kate found a kindred spirit in her cousin, Bruce Wayne, who had undergone a similar tragedy years ago. Katherine took this event to heart and made herself the best person she could possibly be to make her deceased family proud. She excelled in her classes and gymnastics and, after graduating high school, was accepted into the prestigious military school, West Point. Just like before, Kate was top of her class and preparing to graduate when word of Kate's romance with her roommate reached her superiors. They offered her opportunity to stay in the military if she kept her mouth about her sexuality. However, Kate chose her integrity over her position and, as such, was dishonourably discharged. She returned to Gotham a broken woman, drowning her sorrows in alcohol, parties and one-night-stands. All of this changed one night as Kate was walking back to her apartment in a drunken stupor. A gang of men approached her intending to mug her. Had she been sober she could have easily fended off the hoodlums, but the alcohol clouded her senses and within a few moments she was forced onto the ground. Then, in an instant, the Batman swooped down like a vengeful spirit. By the time Kate's eyes opened again, the muggers were all laying on the ground and a man in a cowel stood before her, offering a hand.

The experience had completely changed Kate's outlook on life and within a month not only had she given up drinking, but she had begun to personally attack drug dealers and weapon smugglers in the dead of the night. It didn't take long for her father to catch wind of this, however instead of forbidding her from pursuing the tortuous lifestyle of a vigilante, he gave her advice: If you're going to do it, do it right. He then put his daughter on a rigorous globe-trotting training mission, spanning a year and a half. There he tested every bit of Kate's still, stamina, wit, intellect, determination, and will. She returned to Gotham and donned her proper mantle; a reflection of the figure that had inspired her to change her life for the benefit of not only herself, but for everyone else. She became the Batwoman.


Over the years spent as a vigilante, Katherine has proved herself to be nothing if not determined and effective. However, he methods are often more unorthodox than her contemporaries, which has put her at odds with her peers on occasion. Kate will no hesitate in crippling or wounding her enemies if it means getting her job done. She is also unafraid to make deals and alliances with shady people in the name of justice, notably warlords (who also happen to be close friends). Without the cowl, Kate is a very lax individual, still fond of attending high class parties and nightclubs. Though her career constantly gets in the way, she still holds out hope for finding a significant other.

From a young age, Katherine was a proficient gymnast, and easily applied this knowledge to her vigilante career. While at West Point, Kate was trained in formal hand-to-hand combat, but the bulk of her prowess in that field was gained during her two year trek in which her father had her fight for her life in Siberian boxing rings and similar hostile places. Batwoman has bested the likes of Batgirl, Mr Freeze, and her own mentor, and nearly defeated the Batman himself.

In terms of intelligence, Katherine is well off, having studied extensively to become top of her class in West Point. Even afterwards, she obtained degrees in forensic science during her training years, and naturally picked up her detective senses. Though, more impressive, is her determination. Batwoman is fueled by the same fury and vengeance that guides the Dark Knight, as well as a drive to distinguish herself from her male counterpart.

Due to being something of a hopeless romantic, Kate has found herself romantically manipulated by some of her adversaries, most notably Poison Ivy and Nocturna. Speaking of, her love-life (or near-constant lack thereof) has been known to put her into bouts of depression, making her more passionate and/or stoic after breakups. Most notably, Kate suffers from post-tramatic stress disorder, mainly caused by her a few key events from her past. On occasion she has seen hallucinations of her deceased sister during battle, affecting her judgement and combat skills. She is also largely opposed to seeking help for her PTSD.

  • Batsuit

    The original Batwoman suit was created by Kate's father whilst she was still training. Not much is known about the material it was made out of, but it makes was not impervious to knives or bullets. However, during her time with the DEO, Batwoman had a new suit constructed. It was identical to the original, but was made out of a new (possibly alien) material that was completely bulletproof. Her cape is weighted at each point and can be stiffened to form a glider of sorts. Her gauntlets house the batteries for her taser gloves and three spring-loaded projectiles each.

  • Utility Belt

    Similar to Batman's famed utility belt, Batwoman's is filled to the brim with everything from projectiles to a silk handkerchief.

  • Projectiles

    Contrary to popular belief, Batwoman does not use Batarangs. Instead, she carries red foldable blades in the shape of curved teardrops. They are implied to be ridiculously sharp, as they easily cut open skin and even puncture Batman's cowl.

  • Grappling Gun

    Batwoman possesses a grappling gun nearly, if not, identical to Batman's. The cable is at least strong enough to carry Katherine's own weight across vast distances.

  • Taser Gloves

    The taser gloves are rather self-explanatory. They are powerful weapons, able to send volts of electricity to anyone in contact with them. Their capacity in terms of both battery and voltage is unknown, however it is implied and assumed to be finite.

  • Python Coil

    Like Batwoman's second suit, the python coil was a gift from the DEO. When activated, the coil could be thrown at a subject and would instantly tighten around it. The coil is said to get tighter the more a victim struggles in it and has even held back Bane.

  • Pocket Explosives

    Batwoman keeps a series of tiny, pill-like explosives in her utility belt. The explosions have a small, but effective range of about a half metre.

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