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Hugo Strange

on Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:43 pm

Full Name: Hugo Strange
Age: 58
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Psychiatrist, Criminal Psychologist

Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: None

Universe: Batman
Elseworld: Main World
Residence: Gotham City

Face Claim: Ben Kingsley

Player Name: Oswald C. Cobblepot


Born in Gotham City, Hugo Strange knew he wanted to be a psychiatrist from an early age. His interest in the human mind began during high school, during which period he extensively explored psychiatric literature and also began conducting experiments on his peers. Simple tricks, manipulations and mind games that would sometimes go over the top, but Hugo Strange always manage to avoid any form of punishment because of his excellent academic success and his noble demeanor. He entered Gotham University with a psychiatry major, finishing top of his class. During his studies, he did not have the opportunity to explore the mind of Gotham's most dangerous criminals as the city was still ruled by mobs and gangs. He developed a special interest in criminal psychology and, upon finishing his studies, went to deepen his knowledge around the world. Visiting Europe and Asia, Strange gained crucial insight into some of the most notorious criminal minds in history, which enabled him to become the resident expert on criminals and criminal profiling. After traveling for several years, he returned to Gotham but was soon called to the isolated island of Santa Prisca, where he had been nominated for the post of Head of Scientific Development. Working there, Strange took part in some of the more notorious experiments, most of which are still classified, and started working with the government. At this very moment, he is on his way back to Gotham, where he was called to supervise the re-opening of Arkham Asylum and teach Criminal Psychology to Gotham's students. 


Professor Strange is a man of exceptional intelligence and knowledge. Very calm in his demeanor, he speaks with experience and wisdom that transcend his small, almost insignificant figure. He is a brilliant scientist and his insight into the human mind is not matched by many. He is also a brilliant lecturer and is able to draw his students into the subject of his classes. On the other hand, he is a man of great vanity and has a lust for power and control. He is not as dominant as he is fond of order, and the control he has enables him to create his own form of order. He is also has great organisational skills, through which he sometimes manifests a light version of obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Skills: Hugo Strange has no inherent superpowers and relies solely on his exceptional skills. He is highly intelligent and is an expert on the human mind, especially when dealing with social deviations and psychiatric disorders. He is very perceptive and is an expert profiler, being able to deduce a vast number of facts about a person based on seemingly insignificant details. Such a skill set makes him exceptionally dangerous, especially when combined with his manipulation skills, which he often uses to get into people's heads.

Weaknesses: There are two great weaknesses present within Strange's persona. The first one is that he is, despite all his intelligence, still a normal human being, both resistant and weak as any other member of his species. This lack of any powers and his constant fright of being physically injured makes him somewhat of a coward when faced with a legitimate threat of being harmed. The other aspect is his vanity. Strange's intelligence puts him above a vast majority of other people and it has lead to him thinking that he is intellectually superior to everyone, not juts the obvious candidates. Such vanity causes him to lose control when facing someone whom he perceives as an intellectual peer. 

Equipment: None

Audition Post:

Seven o'clock. His suit and lab coat ready, his shoes clean as always. His glasses in his pocket, just in case. The files for today on the desk, now in his hand. Hugo Strange was on his way. ''Arkham Asylum was in ruins. Quincy Sharp was a bothersome imbecile incapable of running an automated balloon factory and he left such chaos that I am in the right mind of filing an official complaint against him. Once a grand institution, a pioneer in mental care, Arkham Asylum is reduced to a local nuthouse housing only those that even this wretched City failed to digest in some weird way. Ghastly! Terrible! But, why complain, my dear Hugo? Where else in this murky world would you be able to achieve greatness? Where would you be able to study upon your cases? This was a good day!'', he thought to himself.

His patients were fine, well, as fine as they could be under the circumstances. The depressed Mr. Parker was still alive and not crying about his dead, yet non-existent, brother; Mrs. Lovecraft managed to reduce her delusions to a strange Kraken-like deity she called Cthulhu, not aware that was copying her somewhat famous relative; Mr. Banner's synesthesia reduced to green and purple; and so forth - they were all fine. There was no need for any drastic interventions as his employees, and he had truly picked the best, were able to handle the situation by themselves. He greeted Valentin and Tetch, who were discussing brainwaves and mind control via technological devices, as he passed them in the hall, knocked on Dr. Fries' office as a sign of greeting and went on to locate Jonathan Crane, his new intern. Crane was a promising fellow, but there was something strange about his persona. Strange needed more time, but he would certainly solve that mystery. 

While looking for his always hidden colleague, Strange was amazed to see some additions to his collection, as he liked to call his patients. He browsed through his files in order to double check, but he knew they were new. ''
What is the meaning of this!?'', he asked one of the doctors, nervous and in a somewhat aggressive manner. ''It was that Vanguard guy, professor Strange. He came last night, you were asleep, put these guys in here and just disappeared. Someone said he hung out in the Greenhouse later on, but nothing happened. These guys seem to be your random schizophrenics and bipolars, nothing of any interest to you'', said Jones, trying to calm Strange down. ''He just waltzed in here? Again!? Where is our bloody security!? I can't have a random vigilante walking inside my Asylum! That is just not right!'', Strange replied, breathing heavily. ''There is really nothing we could've done, professor. Technically, he did nothing wrong'', Jones added. ''Nothing!? Are you insane, dr. Jones? Mad? This institution has an alarm system connected directly to Gotham's Police Department for a reason! Plus, you had the obligation to wake me when he came! You had! This is the last time I will tolerate such behaviour, dr. Jones! Nothing is to happen here without my knowledge, do you understand? NOTHING!'', he said in a grim manner, scaring his colleagues. 

Quickly calming down, he bowed slightly and continued on his was. ''
This Vanguard fellow is quite intriguing. Entering the premises, brining criminals and patients... it seems he is becoming a regular around here. Interesting, indeed. I would love to explore his mind. No, Hugo, no... I will love exploring his mind. Soon, I will have him somewhere in here... maybe in the East Wing? Mad Dog's room? Or... her's? Oh, stop it now, don't romanticise! Now is not the time, you have to find Crane'', he thought to himself, walking ever so calmly through Arkham's moldy corridors that hid faces of terror and screams of madness. Relating to those screams, he heard a familiar laugh. He quickened his pace and, just around the corner, he found Crane, observing a cell with a malicious satisfaction. ''Crane, what on Earth are you doing? Get away from Mr. Walker's cell! He is a sick man and he needs solitude in order to heal! Really, how did you end up here? And why were you laughing? A laugh in an Asylum is more often a sign of madness than not!'', he said firmly, pulling the intern away from the cell. 

He then remembered the Greenhouse. Of course, how could he managed to forget that! He noticed one of the medics, young Paul Taylor, and quickly summoned. Out of both respect and fear, the young man rushed to Strange's call. ''
Find me Dr. Isley and tell her to meet me in my office in half an hour! Thanks'', he said coldly and then turned his attention back to Crane, who still had a very disastrous looking grin on his face.                                                                                                                                                      

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