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Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman)

on Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:22 pm
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Diana Prince
Diana of Themyscira
a.k.a. Wonder Woman

Full Name: Diana of Themyscira
Age: 5000 years old
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Curator of Antiquities for the Louvre Museum, artist, diplomat, and speaker.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Humanity

Universe: Main Universe
Elseworld: None
Residence: London and Paris

Face Claim: Gal Gadot

Player Name: Diana Of Themyscira


Diana was born on the island of Themyscira sometime during 3000 BC, around the beginning of the Helladic Bronze Age. A few months preceding her birth, the War of the Gods had taken place and resulted in Ares killing the Greek pantheon and heavily wounding Zeus. Zeus gained the upper hand and forced Ares into retreat, but was quickly succumbing to his injuries. With the only beings who could kill Ares dead, Zeus had little choice but to use the last of his power to give life to a final goddess, a "God Killer," in the hopes that she would stop Ares one day.
Diana’s upbringing was burdened by the fact that she was the only child on an island of ageless Amazons. After having been exposed to the constant training of her sisters, Diana came to desire combative training herself, against her mother's wishes. In an attempt to dissuade her daughter, Hippolyta told Diana the story of Ares and the rest of the gods with two details changed. She told Diana that humans were inherently good, but all of their evil stemmed from Ares himself. As well, instead of telling Diana that she was the God Killer, Hippolyta deceived her into thinking that a sword was the God Killer in an attempt to protect her. Antiope, Captain of the Amazons and aunt to Diana, was fully aware of the child's background and elected to train her in secret. The pair met behind Hippolyta's back for years, Diana's biological age going from eight years old to twelve. It was then that Hippolyta discovered them and confronted Antiope. Despite Hippolyta’s anger at such a betrayal, Antiope was able to convince Hippolyta that the only way to protect Diana was to teach her how to fight. Though dismayed at such a harsh truth, Hippolyta agreed and commissioned Antiope to craft Diana into the finest warrior to ever exist among the Amazons.
Years passed as Diana’s skill took shape and she evolved to be almost exactly what both her mother and aunt desired. In 1918, Diana showcased the result of her accumulated skills and engaged Antiope in full contact dueling. Although Diana was a very technically precise fighter, she lacked the constant situational awareness required of her. After being struck, Antiope attacked Diana with no mercy, pressuring her to a breaking point. With the princess’ defense destroyed and her weapon disarmed, she crossed her arms in a block and inadvertently tapped into her power, blasting Antiope back with a shockwave of mysterious energy.
After seeing how frightened the Amazons were of this newfound power, Diana retreated to a nearby cliff. At that moment, Steve Trevor’s plane penetrated the shield that kept Themyscira invisible and crashed into the ocean. Diana rescued Steve and brought him to the beach, but his craft had been followed by pursuing German ships. A battle ensued on the beach head between the Germans and the Amazons, bringing war to the island for the first time in known history. Diana’s lack of situational awareness resulted in Antiope sacrificing herself for Diana, taking a bullet for her. However, she left Diana with her final words: To use the God Killer and stop Ares.
The Amazons later interrogated Steve and learned of the world war that raged outside the island’s boundaries. Diana, still naive and emboldened by Antiope’s final words and the story of the gods, pleaded for Hippolyta to help end the war. Hippolyta refused, but Diana took matters into her own hands. In the same night, she snuck to Themyscira’s great tower and, by accident, discovered her immense strength as her hands dug into the stone walls. Diana stole a number of Amazonian artifacts, as well as the sword she knew to be the God Killer, and then met Steve on the cove where a boat had been built. Hippolyta caught the two before they could leave and confronted Diana. Despite her great sorrow, Hippolyta knew that she could not stop Diana from fulfilling her destiny and sadfully watched her go, telling her that man’s world did not deserve her.
Steve and Diana arrived in London and, despite Diana’s insistence on going straight to the war front, got Diana new clothes with the help of his secretary, Etta Candy. On the way to deliver Isabelle Maru’s notebook to allied intelligence (which Steve had picked up from an arms factory in Turkey), Steve and Diana were stopped in an alley by German spies. Diana quickly dispatched them and attempted to interrogate one of the men, only to find that he had swallowed a cyanide pill.
Once at allied headquarters, Diana met Sir Patrick Henry, Steve’s superior and a main player in the negotiation of the armistice that was to end the war. Attending a council of the leading allied strategists, Diana deciphered Maru’s notebook and shed light on the formula that was being created. Steve requested support for a strike on the weapons’ factory that was producing the gas, only to be turned down by the council in favor of the armistice. However, one of the generals made a passing remark about how soldiers were meant to die and Diana was sent into a rage, accusing him of cowardice and weakness until Steve pulled her away.
Despite his orders to stand down, Steve assembled a close knit team of his friends; Sameer, a spy, and Charlie, a sharpshooter. Together, the band arrived in Belgium where Diana witnessed the horrors of war for the first time, including amputees and animal abuse. Despite her desire to help, Steve urged her along and told her to focus on the bigger picture. The group met with a Native American smuggler known as Chief and set camp for the night, not too far away from the front. Diana encountered not only Charlie’s night terrors of those he had killed, but was also exposed to the fact that Steve’s people had taken everything from Chief’s people, complicating Diana’s notion of good and bad generalizations.
The next day, they were passing through a trench on the way to German high command when Diana was stopped by a local villager who told her about what the Germans had done to the town of Veld. Despite Steve’s protests, Diana refused to turn her back on the village and began to cross No Man’s Land. She was able to get over halfway to the enemy entrenchment, but was promptly stopped by heavy gunfire. However, she had created enough of a window for her allies and the allied soldiers to overwhelm the trench. With the help of the rest of the group, Diana liberated the village from German control. After securing the town, Steve called Sir Patrick and was told that General Ludendorff was hosting a gala (with Maru attending) before the armistice was signed. Diana came to the conclusion that Ludendorff was Ares and that he would never allow the war to end.
That night, just outside of the local tavern, Diana’s ideas of man’s world were further enlightened. Charlie, whose job was to kill people, was entertaining the townsfolk with his singing and piano. Sameer did not want to be a soldier, but an actor. While teaching Diana how to dance, Steve told her about the love and, ironically, the love of normality between couples. Diana slowly came to realize the deep intricacies of humanity and began to develop an intimate understanding of the complicated good within people, as well as her own love for Steve.
The next day, the group arrived at German high command with Diana intent on killing Ludendorff. Steve stopped her from doing anything reckless and then infiltrated the gala, posing as a German officer. Diana stole a dress from one of the guests and successfully got in as well, the God Killer sword with her. After a brief dialogue with Ludendorff, Diana was firmly convinced that he was Ares, but was once again stopped by Steve before she could act.
Ludendorff launched the gas at Veld, killing all the newly liberated villagers. Diana returned to the village, immune to the gas, and saw the horrors of what had been done to the people who had given her a semblance of the happiness that humanity shined with. She blamed Steve for stopping her from preventing the atrocity and, in a rage, rode to the arms factory on horseback. Diana encountered Ludendorff in his command tower and killed him with the God Killer sword.
However, the Germans did not stop loading their bomber with the gas, much to the confusion of Diana who was quickly having her perception of reality shattered.
The effect was compounded as Steve told her that the problem wasn’t Ares, but the problem was within mankind itself. He argued that while mankind didn’t deserve their help, the ideals that the individuals believed in outweighed what it deserved. Diana, still in shock and unable to process such a debilitating idea, froze as she watched Steve head down to stop the bomber. When she turned around however, Sir Patrick was present in the tower and revealed himself to be Ares. Diana attempted to strike Ares down, only to have her sword disintegrated. Ares made Diana realize that the sword was not the God Killer, as the only thing that could kill a god was another god. He told Diana that while he had given mankind the means to go to war, he did not control their decision to do so. He told her that, unlike the story she had been told as a child, his only purpose was to show the gods how corrupt Zeus’ creation inherently was. Unable to believe what she was hearing, Diana tied Ares in the Lasso of Truth. Ares claimed to be the god of truth and used his power to manipulate Diana into seeing an illusion of his ultimate goal; a paradise on Earth, devoid of humanity. Diana, while initially spellbound, refused to help Ares and the two engaged in battle.
During the fight, an explosion knocked Diana onto the bomber runway and was brought to her feet with the help of Steve. While she couldn’t hear him due to her eardrums being temporarily ruptured, she recognized the look of self sacrifice and tried to convince him that whatever he was going to do, she could do it instead. Steve refused, saying that she was more important in the grand scheme of things and professing his love to her a final time. Diana watched him run after the bomber, but was distracted by Ares as their fight resumed. Far more in touch and experienced with his abilities, Ares gained the upper hand and trapped Diana as she was forced to watch the bomber explode with Steve inside.
Diana flew into a rage and attacked the Germans shooting at her, unleashing more of her inner power than she had ever done before. Ares attempted to exploit Diana’s distraught state and brought Maru before her, using Maru as the prime example of humanity’s evil that deserved to be destroyed. Diana lifted a tank, ready to kill Maru. However, Diana remembered her last conversation with Steve and realized that he had given his love to her. She dropped the tank, understanding now that humanity was far, far more than just evil. Finally realizing her full power as the God Killer, Diana used a lightning bolt to obliterate Ares.
Following the end of World War I, Diana went into hiding, too emotionally and psychologically scarred to continue fighting for humanity as it descended further into its darkness. She watched as the next century of human atrocity, racism, nuclear deployment, propaganda, and fascism took shape without Ares’ influence. While Diana had given up on humanity for the most part, she acquired the Sword of Athena and slayed beasts from other worlds. She also moved to France at one point where she became the Curator of Antiquities for the Louvre Museum.
Recently however, Diana has watched humanity slowly improve and, while still having its problems, make great leaps and bounds in progress. The Allies won WWII, treaties were made to move towards nuclear disarmament, racism became legislatively illegal in the US, and scientific advances were given a focus like never before. Though mankind was still largely corrupt, Diana recognized that thorough attempts at a greater society were being made. A major example was her meeting with Bruce Wayne, who she had quickly discerned as the Batman. He showed her that even a man who was built on darkness could be selfless and genuine at heart.


The main force that drives Diana is benevolence. She is a very passionate, loving person despite the sophisticated grace she carries herself with. Diana has an extremely high capacity for empathy and etiquette (especially after being embedded in high class society after so long), as well as an open mind towards new ideas and discussions. Diana is also a very headstrong and free spirit, following her own path with an instinctual sense of right and wrong. She is a fierce warrior who will defend those she cares about with an unbreakable determination, and will often fly into a rage when someone is hurt or in danger. Despite this, Diana is also a gifted tactician who will usually assess a situation first, a skill that she applies to many situations she finds herself in.
She highly respects selflessness and bravery on the battlefield, and honors those who die a good death. Diana hates petty cowardice, dogmatism, cruelty, and exploitation of systems that are meant to help people.

Political Beliefs:
Government: Diana is openly an egalitarian whose perfect society would be akin to Themyscira; a society where everyone knows how to fight but are highly educated and all classes are relatively socioeconomically equal (as there is no concept of money on the island). However, it is clear that the Amazons are unique and their system would not be practical in a large population, so the next best option is a blend between Themyscira and the Early Roman Republic- an egalitarian society where everyone puts the community first, but have the capitalist freedom to also get ahead individually. Ideally, there would be no classes, but if there were, it would follow the Roman Republic patron-client system where there are only two classes and the upper class would freely help the lower class by giving loans or helping them start businesses. The lower class should be socially mobile enough to become part of the upper class, as well as the upper class having the capacity to become lower class (status should not depend solely on family).
Politicians were not paid with money, but with prestige for themselves and their families. They also paid for public works with their own money. Overall, the republican system of representation would stand with a relatively small to medium sized centralized authority, just big enough to maintain the country’s infrastructure, the military, and enforce its basic laws. Taxes should be kept to a minimum; a free society would include the freedom to keep what you earn and not be forced to be charitable (there would be benefits for being charitable, however). There should be careful observation over who gets welfare handouts to be sure that those who receive them are legitimately at a disadvantage or are trying to get on their feet.

Culture: Aspects of the mos maiorum, or Roman code of honor, would be instilled, the most important being that one of the biggest measures of a person was based upon their trustworthiness. Most importantly however, culture would be predicated upon benevolence and a willingness to make sacrifices for the wellbeing of others, both fiscally and in war. However, art and sciences would not be neglected and there would always be open channels to discuss all kinds of subjects on academic grounds. While it may seem far fetched in a modern context, Diana knows that it is possible because the early Roman Republic, not just the Amazons, had already done it historically.

Commerce: Diana believes that capitalism is, by far, the most effective economic model to encourage scientific progress and public service. When services are subject to the people’s satisfaction, it forces those in power to make sure their customers are happy, or the business will die out. Services provided by the government, on the other hand, are not so fallible (the DMV, public transportation, complex tax processes with long waiting times, outdated website formats, etc). However, capitalism does have its problems which need to be addressed. Monopolization and oligopolies should be avoided at all costs; small businesses generate a vast amount of economic circulation, promote social mobility, create jobs, and provide a high volume of options to consumers. This is the most ideal form of business as opposed to either one, or a group of corporations, holding all the cards and consumers are forced to buy from them because there are no other available options. Minimum wage is also a staple. Despite the highly prized encouragement of private business, there are some things that should not be privatized, namely governmental fields such as the military, law enforcement, tax collecting, etc.

Military: "The nation that will insist on drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards."
Sir William Francis Butler, 1889
In general, Diana does not support mandatory military service, on the grounds that everyone should have the freedom to decide whether or not they want to devote themselves to such a large commitment. However, there is truth to the assertion that it is beneficial to have a well rounded populace that understands what it’s like to not only be well educated, but also grounded, healthy, and experienced towards hard work. Through working side by side with other people towards a common goal, notions of racism and other kinds of prejudice would be well managed if not completely quashed. Although, Diana believes in a military structure that is not too rigid and focuses on individualism just as much as teamwork. After all, the greatest armies are those that understand its soldiers’ personal strengths and weaknesses. As a result, life after military service would consist of a far more unified national identity as well as a population that is far more disciplined and self confident than they otherwise would be. As well, there would be far less people who wouldn't be able to defend themselves if needed.

Education: Public education should be highly treasured and all schools should receive equal funding in order to enable equal opportunity, but those that excel can receive other benefits that would otherwise be arbitrary (*ICCCEEEEE CCCRREEEAAAAMMM PAAARRRRTYYYYY*). Private education can exist, but parents should be well informed of the curriculum and how it may differ from public education, as well as the possible difficulties that some schools can create for their children in the job market. Specialization (having an option of which field to go into in regards to STEM, literature, humanities, etc) is also a tremendous help to students as their studies can be focused in one area instead of being spread out over subjects that will not help them. There should be a well rounded education system to ensure that everyone can at least read, write, and do basic algebra, but there is no reason to hinge a gifted writer’s future on their ability to do calculus, trigonometry, or some other abstract subject that will not be useful to them in any capacity. If anything, it would be preferable to make applicable math, such as financial accounting instead of trigonometry, part of the curriculum as they are valuable life skills that can be taught at a young age and are not as difficult to understand.

Judicial System: There is a much more effective way to manage criminals than the system of dense prison populations and death penalties that the US practices. For crimes except murder, the judicial system should be focused on rehabilitating and reintegrating convicts back into society instead of wasting resources that essentially just keep them alive. In Norway for example, prisoners are often given books, art pieces, and sometimes even television sets. They are allowed to roam freely during weekends and are given a key to their cells, trusted to return (most of them do). Once it has been deemed that they are ready, inmates are fully reintegrated into society. As a result, their prison population is at a significantly lower percentage than the US (75 per 100,000 people in Norway as opposed to 707 per 100,000 in the US), and the rate of repeat offenders is only 20% as opposed to the US’ 77%. At a local level, judges should think about justice in more ways than just jail time. Instead of putting someone in jail for months (say, for not paying a parking ticket) and possibly ruining their lives with a permanent record, thus furthering their resentment for the system, why not give them a choice to serve time by participating in a community event? Not only will they be doing something beneficial with their time, they will make new social experiences with others which integrates them into society and lowers their feelings of isolation, which may be the very cause of their crime in the first place.

Martial Prowess - Diana is one of Earth’s best fighters as a result of having mastered both contemporary and ancient martial arts during her time on Themyscira and in the outside world. She has spent countless years in singular combat with her race of warrior women, also gaining an impressive amount of battlefield experience having fought in World War I, as well as beasts from other worlds. Diana’s proficiency goes far beyond just melee weaponry however, as she is also a skilled archer. Her heightened senses and reflexes afford her a natural ability to not only dodge projectiles, but also block them with her bracers.
High Intelligence and Eidetic Memory - There is no field of study that Diana cannot learn and carry conversation in, even amongst the most vetted professors. Whether the subject is theoretical or proven, Diana is able to learn and memorize every piece of information that she studies. This, with her experience as a warrior, has cultivated Diana into a tactical genius as well. She has memorized the specifications of every modern weapon and ICBM in existence, along with having the ability to memorize and predict enemy tactics that develop in front of her. In addition, Diana’s magical attributes have given her multilingualism, supposedly able to speak every language in the world.
Wisdom - As a native from an area that had some of the first and most critical philosophical principles in the world, Diana has a matured clarity that the other superpowers of the world do not. Themyscira is a peaceful utopia that exemplifies a balance between hard work, martial readiness, standard of living, and compassion. While Diana would prefer to impart some of her ideas to the leaders of the known world, she knows that they would not listen, or her own intuition tells her that there are some lessons that they simply need to learn on their own.
Enhanced senses
Super strength
Super speed
Invulnerability to extreme conditions and poisons
Reading people

Weaknesses: Diana’s deep caring and loyalty towards others is often exploited, both to gain an advantage and to get to Diana. In addition, she is vulnerable to cuts and high powered projectiles; however, most wounds, while painful, are quickly healed and only a god can kill another god.


Though the Amazons wear all manners of armor in different shapes and materials, Diana’s was taken from the tower where gifts from the gods are stored. It can be assumed then, that her armor was created by the pantheon and is an Amazonian artifact. The suit, if damaged, is probably self healing.

Bracelets of Submission

The Bracelets of Submission are of an unknown origin, but are indestructible thus far. They act as both a shock absorber and deflector as bullets sometimes bounce, stop completely, or get utterly disintegrated depending on the angle of impact. In terms of energy, the bracelets are capable of absorption, but for the most part act as deflectors and will release a powerful shockwave when struck together.

The Lasso of Truth

The lasso is an artifact of Hestia’s, its main purpose being to compel those bound by it to tell the truth. It is thus far unbreakable and measures at 20 ft long.

Sword of Athena

Acquired by Diana sometime in the last century, the Sword of Athena has magical properties and is able to cut Kryptonians.


Diana’s shield is a popular defensive alternative to her bracers, especially useful when her torso or legs need protection from every frontward angle. The shield appears to be far more of a consistent shock deflector, but follows the nature of Diana's bracers in terms of energy absorption and deflection. It is also viable offensively, able to be used to gain ground, push an attack, or be bashed into a target.

Inner Power

The full nature of Diana’s god powers are still unknown, but for the most part, ⅔ of her abilities have been defensive in nature. Among these two are powerful shockwaves and an aura that is capable of disintegrating metal. The final ability was control of Zeus’ lightning bolts, but it is vague on whether or not she can call on it herself. However… http://static0.srcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Justice-League-Wonder-Woman-Lightning-Power.jpg?q=50&w=786&h=393&fit=crop&dpr=1.5

Audition Post:

(Great music to listen to while reading. The first song should last until you get to [...]. The second is the Trafalgar Celebration; start that one at 3:15.
Pain, Loss, and Love
Trafalgar Celebration)
Darkness, one of the many things that lay in the heart of every person on the face of the planet; even at the core of someone who was genuinely altruistic. It was hidden in the depths of the most selfless heroes. Even in the heart of an Amazon princess, those black tendrils crept, held at bay by the constant struggle with the light. The singular thought echoed through Diana’s mind as she stared at the old black and white photo in her hand. It was of her and… Steve, back when they were together. Steve, Charlie, Sameer, and Chief. It was the wondrous day they had liberated the village of Veld, side by side as not only allies, but friends. Despite the horrors she had seen, it was a golden time then, a time of diamond standards when the world was still magical and exciting to Diana. The illusion of such perfection was a lie, however. She saw the truth now, her clarity forged in the pain and loss of the last few decades. Sameer and Charlie had died far younger than they should have, but they each burned brightly in the short lives they led. She missed them so much, much more than anyone could truly understand. A great sadness washed over Diana as she vividly remembered attending their funerals, as well as having to manage the scars left behind afterward. It was indescribably sobering to be left alone in the world, and she had never been the same since. Diana was already so different, yet was forced to watch as everyone she cared about slipped away. Chief was the only one who had reached old age, but he had died with an inner melancholy as the Nazis rose to power. Diana had held his hand as he cried in utter sadness at what the world had become, even after the war. He had no one there to care for him, to love him as a friend like she did. It left her utterly heartbroken. Chief’s people suffered, he suffered, and after everything, the world still choked on the evil created by mankind. Diana’s friends were unsung heroes whom did not deserve the ends they met. That was perhaps the hardest part to cope with- the unfairness of it all.
No, that wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part was the memory of him. The one who gave his life selflessly, the one who died like a hero. The first man on Themyscira, and the first one Diana truly loved. Despite the decades that passed, she still remembered Steve’s face every night as she slept. She remembered the brief, but cherished moments she shared with him. What Diana would give to have just five minutes with him again…
Before he died, Steve tried to tell her something important, but in her naivety, Diana refused to listen, too stuck in her beliefs to recognize the value of what he said. Now that he was gone though, she spent every day wanting nothing more than to tell him how important his words were, and how grateful she was. Diana knew that she couldn't change the past, but she could make sure that he left a mark on her, that his death was not meaningless. He sacrificed himself so that she wouldn't have to, and that needed to be honored. As much as it hurt to think about, even after all this time, the Amazon couldn’t deny the fact that what he told her that painful night was something that needed to be heard. Diana used to want to save the world; to save the world from the very darkness that was within everyone. But Steve had made her realize something, something far more genuine than what she had idealized. “It’s not about deserve… It’s about what you believe.” Diana swallowed. So few words, yet so much impact. Of everything the Amazon had ever learned, there was nothing more meaningful than that phrase. Decades of horror had made her nearly forget, however. She had come close to giving up on humanity altogether, wishing that she could just return home. Fortunately, Steve’s final act of love had shown Diana that humanity could do better. But even in death, she still loved him for far more reasons than just the enlightenment he had left behind. Oh, Steve… If only he could still be here with her. She never had the chance to tell him- to tell him how much he. . .
A tear fell from Diana’s face as she put the photograph down. The Amazon rose from her seat and the reflection of her penthouse window mirrored her sleek silhouette as she approached it. Diana’s dark eyes and tanned skin stared back at her for a moment as she looked out over the city. It was beautiful; the sprawling life flowed and ebbed through the buildings and streets alike. Paris certainly wasn’t like this a few decades ago, but seeing it renewed was a breath of fresh air. Surprisingly, the entire world had slowly healed itself from its scars, even though Diana hadn't. Maybe humanity really would get better, but was it worth fighting for as it was right now? That was the question Diana faced. If she chose to act, to fight for humanity, it would be the first time in the last hundred years. It was an easy option to just say no, to continue the trend that she had been practicing for nearly a century. But... Steve would have wanted her to keep fighting. It was a fact that Diana avoided as much as she could, but it remained inside of her. She inhaled deeply, all of her wisdom finally giving her the answer that had eluded her for so long. After so many years and so many experiences, there was only one conclusion that could truly be reached. Inside each person, there is always good and bad. Everyone must make a choice for themselves, and that was something no hero could defeat. But now Diana knew, knew that only love can truly save the world. It was time. It was time to trust the world again; to fight, and to love.
The Amazon went to the large safe that had come with her suite and opened it. Inside was a large briefcase, locked three times over with a number of methods, including fingerprint, electronic combination, and manual combination. Each second unlocking the safety mechanisms felt like a painful eternity. Finally, her fingers grasped the cold, metallic clips that kept the briefcase shut and, with a pair of fateful snaps, opened the lid. Inside the case, a golden eagle looked up at Diana, its wings spread gracefully to form a W. The eagle proudly held together the red, leather-like material that was her uniform, and a pair of silver bracers patiently waited next to it.
Diana stepped onto the roof of her building, and for the first time in a long time, the sun touched her armor. The eagle, struck by the light, flared with a spectrum of exuberant golds. Diana’s gauntlets glowed with a brilliant luster and bathed in part of the incandescence that the rest of her armor gave off. The most illustrious piece however, were Diana’s eyes. From deep within those pupils, there rose a passionate flame from her very soul that had nearly been put out. Now though, it came roaring back to life, stronger than ever. Her powerful legs were beginning to move, carrying her faster and faster as the wind began picking up. Diana’s lips parted softly as she said to herself, “Only love can truly save the world.” Faster. Faster. “So I stay, I fight, and I give for the world I know can be.” Faster. Faster. “I am Diana of Themyscira. This is my mission now.” With a great leap, the Amazon left the roof and became one with the gust of wind. For the first time in a long time, Diana was free. “Forever.” A shockwave exploded around her as she flew through the air and drew the attention of those on the street below. They shielded their eyes from the brilliant streak of gold, but somewhere deep down, each of them knew what they were seeing. They were seeing hope. They were seeing love.

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