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The First Horns

on Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:04 am
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“The first angel blew his trumpet, and hail and fire, mixed with blood, were hurled to the earth.”
- The Holy Bible, Revelations 8:7

BOOOOOOOOM! The skies above Earth split open with thunder and bathed the entire world in blindingly white light. The people on the surface looked up into the glaring radiance for a brief second, but were quickly forced to avert their eyes as stars were burned into their vision. They covered their ears as the thunder became stronger, so strong that the ground began to shake. A great heat burned the air, and then the great light dove down and fell onto the outskirts of Detroit. The luminous white orb held its place within the city as the sky, everywhere, became a glowering shade of red, and the continuous roar that had engulfed the world suddenly died down. In its place, a number of lesser rumbles fell from the sky. Everywhere, people looked up and gasped in horror as they stared upon flames that fell from the heavens and crashed into forests. Trees and grass alike burned. The sun miraculously still shone, but its brightness was filtered by a haze of smoke and crimson. The orb of light in Detroit softly receded its brilliance and revealed inch upon inch of a great crater. Where there had once been slums and people, everything the light had touched left nothing but a neatly carved absence of matter. A shudder of dismay ran through everyone who bore witness, but the light continued to pull backwards into its epicenter, until finally, it was no bigger than a small house. Within the light itself, there was the silhouette of a giant. It did not move, nor make noise, nor give credence to the onlookers who watched. It simply waited, patiently, as the glow around it slowly surrendered. For those who stared, mere moments seemingly stretched into painful hours, days, and weeks. At last, the dazzling radiance became a mere aura to a being of pure evil. Silver armor covered his body head to toe, broken only by a pair of yellow eyes and a mouth that resembled mummified skin. As he stood in the middle of the crater, he looked up and bore into the eyes of every single person who looked back. They felt a chill run through their spine as he pierced their very souls with his gaze. Fiery death continued to rain from above, and the eerie shadows cast from the bloody sky gathered around him. From his grotesque mouth, the giant uttered ten words with a voice that cracked the brimstone itself. “I am Mobius. I am here to take your world.”

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