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James Monroe

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:32 am
[James Monroe]
a.k.a. [Ja-shee]

Full Name: Ja-shee
Biological Age: 26
Chronological Age: 39
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: Construction Worker

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: None

Residence: Currently Metropolis

Face Claim: Travis Fimmel

Player Name: Earos


[Like many others Ja-shee grew up to a family working as peace officers of the Royal Family. Protecting the people from going too far in their joy, and threaten the well being. His early training sending him along that career path, but one day the sky rained green fire, and his people fled into space along different paths. Though his ship travelled a strange course, and crashed to the Earth. Leaving him to wake up alone, and confused on a strange planet, but things were far from bad. He was alive, and the bright yellow sun made feel stronger than ever before. Granting him advantages, like being able to quickly learn the languages of those he encounters. Letting him blend into the populace. His first step is a name, and he found one on a tombstone in a cemetery. The boy had been born, and died on the day he landed. That became his new identity, and he traveled the world for years. Until the day a red, and blue icon leaped over Metropolis. Someone with abilities like his own. Quickly making his way to the great city in the Bay, but an article in the Daily Planet changed his opinions for the darker. This Superman is from Krypton. Another survivor from his home system, but the memories of his parents tales of the war with their oppressive neighbors caused him to merely remain in hiding, and watch for a time. Finding a place to live, and work, but there’s always a need for a strong back in construction when people are blowing up buildings, and aliens are invading every part of the world.]


[There are many things that can shape a person, and Ja-shee is no exception. He went from a stable home to a refugee in the blink of an eye from his perspective. His time among the humans has taught him many lessons on the spectrum of people. From those bent on self promotion, and acts of depravity. To selfless acts of heroism at the cost of everything, even their lives in many cases. Every thing he’s seen has shaped the way he views the world. From the different governments, some like his former home ruled by hereditary monarchs, and others democracies. Each with their own forms of corruption, and secrets. Himself included in the latter during an event that shaped his views on the planet’s armed forces. Leaving him a jaded wanderer that values personal expression, and enjoyment of life. But beneath that fun loving side lies a good heart that wants to do the right thing, and help others that can’t help themselves.]


  • Combat Training - Back on Daxam Ja-shee was trained to keep the peace. Primarily using hand to hand skills to subdue criminals, but the tutelage also extended to weapons, and tactics to end threats. That desire to protect people extended into his time on Earth. Though the details are top secret. He has received US Special Forces combat training, and fought in battles that never officially happened. Through time, and the carelessness brought from powers has dulled the precision of his techniques.
  • Investigative Skills - In the time he spent serving the royal family he learned to watch for the subtle details, and gather clues. Putting the pieces together to find criminals. Though he has none of the technology of his youth. Ja-shee has used every one of those tricks of old trade to help know when a net is closing around him, or spot someone in need.
  • Construction Skills - The years he spent working to build structures has given him a unique insight into the way they are pieced together. Allowing him to understand them in ways few others can. From knowing just where to strike to collapse the whole thing, or even hold entire buildings.


  • Longevity: Presumably like Kryptonians, Daxamites' life spans are considerably longer than normal humans and likewise ages much slower.
  • Solar energy absorption: The Daxamites' physiology is similar to the Kryptonians physiology. Both have powers in common. Daximites' powers come from a source, a blue or yellow sun.
  • Super strength: The Daxamites have great strength. They are strong enough to fight Kryptonians on equal terms.
  • Super speed: The Daxamites' unique physiology under a blue or yellow sun allows them to move at incredible speed.
  • Super leaping: The Daxamites' incredibly strong legs have the ability to do incredibly high jumps in a single bound, while they can also land from several stories without any damage or harm.
  • Contaminant immunity: Daxamites are known to have an immunity to any known forms of diseases, ailments and illnesses, along with chemicals and toxins, on Earth. This immunity can extend to similar contaminants or chemicals from other worlds. Notably, Daxamites are immune to the effects of alcohol on normal humans, though some alcohol and similar substances from other worlds can affect them as normal alcohol would affect humans.
  • Kryptonite immunity: Despite having a similar physiology to Kryptonians, Daxamites are immune to the radiation effects of Kryptonite.
  • Electrosynthesis: The Daxamites are able to absorb electrical energy around them to repair themselves at a cellular level.
  • Accelerated healing factor: The Daxamites are able to heal much faster than normal humans; due to them absorbing energy.

[*] Multilingual: Daxamites are capable of learning to speak other languages very quickly.

[*]Lead: Weapons made from lead will penetrate their skin. If lead stays in the Daxamites' system for too long, they will die from the poisoning. If the atmosphere they are in is seeded with Lead, the exposed Daxamite will fossilize and crumble.
[*]Extreme energy: Extreme amounts of energy will be enough to kill Daxamites.
[*]Electricity: Despite there invulnerability, Daxamites seems to be vulnerable to large amounts of electricity.
[*]Red Sun energy: Like Kryptonians, the energy from a red sun is known to be the Daxamites natural sun and therefore, exposure to it will make them the equivalent of a human being on Earth.
[*]Magic: Since Daxamites get their powers from their heritage they have no more protection from magic than a normal human.


  • Clothes:

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[200. word min.]

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