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Rules and Guidelines

on Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:24 am
In order to successfully function, each RPG site has to have a specific set of rules that apply to its world and its players. Abandoned Hope is not an exception. Along with the general rules of roleplaying and the terms and conditions you agree with before registering, Abandoned Hope has a set of rules and guidelines that refer to several important issues. They are as follows.

Be Civil and Friendly

Abandoned Hope has a strict zero tolerance policy on any form of harassment, bullying, abuse, threats, etc. Civility is an absolute necessity when dealing with other players, both in public discussions and PMs. We are aware that you may not be able to get along perfectly with everyone, but we are all friends here and there should be at least a minimal amount of friendly respect among players.

If any incidents arise, do not hesitate to alert one of the administrators immediately. This also applies in case of dispute between players. The administrators will swiftly deal with the issue.

Remember - PG-13!

The content on this forum falls within the PG-13 guidelines. Romantic relationships, flirting and sexual innuendos are allowed, but any detailed or graphic depictions of sexual acts will be dealt with without much debate. The same applies to cursing/swearing and the depiction of violence; because of the potential nature of some plots, graphic violence might be necessary, but please try to obtain administrative permission in such cases before writing your posts.

Keep in mind that there might be minors reading these stories, but also participating, which is why it is important to keep our decency IC and OOC.

Delicate Topics

DC Comics isn't exactly known for its mild and censored take on life and this site, being a DC-based RPG, follows that idea. Still, when dealing with sensitive issues (p.e. drug abuse, suicide, disabilities, mental disorders, ...) try to be as considerate as possible as there are some that might be offended by inappropriate portrayals of these issues. If you are unsure whether you're going over the top with your portrayal, do not hesitate to contact one of the administrators.

Words Count - Grammar Also

This is a semi-detailed to detailed RPG, written in novella form and with a high literacy standard. What does that mean in practical terms? It means that, when you're writing your post you have to adhere to some standards. While we do not ask of you to write essays and short stories every time, your post should have at least 200 words or two reasonably coherent paragraphs that describe your characters thoughts, feelings and (re)actions. The posts are to be written in third person (with the exception of inner monologues) and should follow general roleplaying standards. Grammar is also very important and while we do not ask of you to be T.S. Eliot, please try to avoid any grammatical errors or try keeping them at a minimum. 

Respect the Guidelines

Although this has been stressed out in several places above this section, we implore you, once more to - follow the general rules of roleplaying. This aspect is very important as it allows for smooth roleplaying and decreased the chances of disputes. Also, you are not allowed to physically harm or kill other people's characters without their explicit permission. This also applies to important NPCs. 

Post Regularly - or Inform Us

Although there is no strict rule as to how often you must post with your characters, we advise you to do so as often as you can. It's not us, it's just more fun that way. Really, trust us on this one. Having said this, we have to inform you that, if your character is inactive or is lurking around the forum for several months without posting, you will lose that character, his/her face claim and everything else you've obtained through him. There is a plot-related exception to this rule and it states that your character may be inactive for a longer period if a plot, or plots, demands it so.
If you plan on leaving for a certain period (or indefinitely) or you know you will be inactive for some reason, please inform us via the appropriate channel.


While the characters will be addressed separately in another spot, we have to state here that you have to be careful with playing them. In order to promote diversity and enable other people to join, we currently enforce a three-per-world character limit for one person. That means that you can have a maximum of three characters in one world you're playing in - p.e. you can be Batman, Flash and Atrocitus in the main world and Joker, Lex Luthor and Carrie Kelly on Earth-31; this means that you cannot take any more characters from those worlds, but can take them in other Elseworlds like Earth-1. If you really want to have an extra character from one of the worlds, you can contact the administrative team to obtain their permission. 

And Yeah...

Jared Leto's portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad absolutely cannot be your favourite incarnation of the character. That is just not allowed, despite the fact that we all love Leto as an actor. Also - no Bat-Mite. The little f@*?er is just annoying.

NOTICE: This is the Rules and Guidelines version 1.0, created and published on September 5, 2017. Unless otherwise noted, these rules and guidelines apply in any form of dispute.
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