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on Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:19 am
a.k.a. Agent Orange

Full Name: Larfleeze
Age: Several billion years (exact age unknown)
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Occupation: None

Alignment: Villain/Neutral 
Affiliation: Orange Lanterns

Universe: Green Lantern
Elseworld: Earth (main)
Residence: Okaara

Face Claim: Bill Skarsgård (voice only)

Player Name: Oswald C. Cobblepot


Not much is known about Larfleeze's past, except that he comes from a incredibly long-lived species. His age is estimated to be several billions, but even he doesn't know exactly how old he is. His past is a mystery even to him and as long as he could remember, he was a space scavenger for Huth, a well known illegal tradesman known as ''the man that can get you anything''. Larfleeze was one of the more successful scavengers under Huth and has been in high regard among the illegal trade community. 
During this period, he befriended Goo, a small lizard-like creature from the planet Bellatrix, with whom he formed both a friendship and a partnership within the Huth's Guild of Thieves. Together, the two of them traveled the universe in search for rare artifacts. While searching for an extremely rare object on the planet Okaara, Larfleeze and Goo came across an old universal force beyond their comprehension. Drawn by the power of the Orange Lantern, Larfleeze unwillingly sacrificed his friend for the power that the Lantern of Avarice had promised him, thus becoming Agent Orange, the wielder of the power of the Orange Lantern. Known across the universe for his greed, Larfleeze also developed the reputation of a man whom you can bargain with and, for a high price, get what you want.  


There are two sides to Larfleeze's character. The first one being the obvious one, connected with the power of the Orange Lantern. Although loyal to Huth and never wanting much for himself, Larfleeze was so overwhelmed by the Lantern's power that all the inhibited avarice of his persona came bursting to the surface, taking over the alien's psyche. Upon allowing the Lantern to take charge, Larfleeze became an obsessive-compulsive miser centered on amounting as much value as possible, be it material or epistemological. 
The other aspect of his character is related to the persona he was before becoming Agent Orange, which still survives despite the full transformation. Remembering those times, Larfleeze often feels guilty for the loss of his only friend, Goo, who died because he was not able to resist Ophidian's power. A person with a torn psyche, Larfleeze today is a strong entity, divided between the immense power of his greed and the immense guilt that still haunts him. 

Skills: Larfleeze wields the power of the Orange Lantern and is therefore able to utilize its power to the fullest. Along with those, his age provides him with wisdom and intelligence that even he cannot fully comprehend, but that is quite useful in foreshadowing certain events and solving difficult situations. He is also a skilled marksman and fencer, but rarely utilizes those skills since becoming Agent Orange. 

Weaknesses: Although the Orange Lantern draws power from Larfleeze's immense greed, that trait is also his biggest weakness. In order to feed his avarice, Larfleeze is willing to do whatever is needed, even if he is recklessly endangering himself in such situation. This also allows his enemies to manipulate him in certain situations. His other weakness is the continued existence of his earlier self, a loyal and trusted friend, ready to help and protect the weaker person. Still feeling guilty because of Goo's death, Larfleeze sometimes has bipolar episodes that weaken the power of the Orange Lantern. 


Orange Lantern and Ring

The mystical Lantern wielding the power of Avarice. Like other Lanterns, the Orange Lantern is a very powerful instrument and contains a vast power, whose full potential is still unknown even to Larfleeze. Through it, Larfleeze can summon the powerful entity of greed, Ophidian. 

Ancient Dagger

An ancient dagger of unknown origin that Larlfeeze keeps by his side as a reminder of his past. Since obtaining the power of the Orange Lantern, he rarely uses it. 

Audition Post:

''All right, all right, just keep going. This whole planet gives me the creeps'', Larfleeze barked at his companion as they were making their way through the rocky surface of the uninhabited planet Okaara. His companion, a small reptile-like creature from the planet Bellatrix, named Goo, followed him rather insecurely, holding the plasma gun they had been given tightly around his chest and observing the lonesome rocks and the rare vegetation, eternally yellow and dry, as if it had developed a resistance to the planet herself. And out of spite, too!

Goo was not a talkative fellow, but he had been following Larfleeze for a while now. Both of them have been members of Hutho's Guild of Thieves for several years now and the visit to Okaara, where a „treasure of immense power and value“ was hidden, was just another mission for the two of them. Larfleeze was a practical being, loyal and a great thief. Not much was known about him, his history, but he seemed to burden an intelligence as old as time itself, something that both amazed and frightened those that came into contact with him.

''The temple should be right behind this vegetation… or whatever the fuck these dry leaves are'', Larfleeze said and forced through the shrieking vegetation, revealing to them a large temple made of large stone blocks. More vegetation, some local birds and reptile-like animals, but even the temple seemed perfectly abandoned, as if nothing alive had come near it for centuries. ''I-is th-this it?'', mumbled Goo, fear growing in his reptile-like eyes. ''It seems so. Look, Goo, we've been partners for some time now and… I've never put you in danger, have I?'', Larfleeze asked, looking at his scared friend. ''N-no, you h-haven't'', Goo replied. ''I'm good at reading situations. I don't know how and why, but I just am. And I've never been wrong'', the thief continued, darker in tone with every spoken word. ''W-what a-are y-you tr-ying t-to s-say?'', Goo asked. ''I have a bad feeling about this place. Be careful'', Larfleeze said coldly and went ahead. Frozen in place for a moment, but soon realizing he had been left alone, Goo hurried along.

The temple had, indeed, been abandoned, but still a maze for the two newcomers. Leading the way, Larfleeze heightened his senses, but there seemed to be nothing worry about. He did not like that. Such a treasure, something they were supposed to ''pick up and leave, no questions asked'', something of such colossal value that even Huth couldn't grasp it completely – such a thing had to be protected. So far, it had just been a boring walk through a boring landscape. As the pathways became more clear and straightforward, Goo's fear grew and Larfleeze, although calm, seemed to sense some impending danger.

After some hours of silent wandering, they reached a large hall with steps leading to a small plateau. In the middle of the plateau was a stone altar, on it a relief with a strange symbol, surrounded by what seemed to be a large serpent. The symbol was a simple circle divided into four parts, with a smaller circle in the middle. The smaller circle had been intersected by a triangular shape on its tip. On top of the altar was a lantern, orange in color and emanating a light of the same color that seemed to mesmerize the observer.

''I-is th-this it?'', asked Goo. ''It's a lantern. And an orange one, at that'', Larfleeze observed the artefact with great interest. Take me. ''What?'', Larfleeze jumped. ''Wh-what h-happened?'', Goo asked, terrified. ''Did you just say something?'', the taller thief asked, observing the space around them. ''Me? N-not a w-word!'', Goo replied. Larfleeze was becoming suspicious. Something wasn't right. Take me. That voice again, but it seemed he was the only one who could hear it. ''Listen, I think we should just take it'', he said, firmly. ''You th-think? Are y-you s-sure it's what we-re looking f-for?'', Goo asked. ''I'm not, but this is the only thing we've found in this hell hole. There's nothing. So, this is as good as it gets. I'm not even sure Huth knows exactly what he's looking for'', Larfleeze replied firmly.

A moment of silence, a moment of suspicion, but soon Larfleeze grabbed the Lantern from the altar. Now, say my name. Again, the Lantern spoke and Larfleeze stood petrified, observing the strange artefact as its light was drawing him into the Lantern's power. Goo started running but soon stopped, noticing his friend mesmerized in place. ''Larfleeze, hurry! Huth s-said to t-take it and run! P-please!'', the little lizard cried, but Larfleeze seemed deaf. Suddenly, a strange sound started taking over the space, increasing Goo's fear but also emphasizing the strangeness of Larfleeze's petrification.

The tall alien was not present in the room. He was inside the Lantern, his mind at least, facing a gigantic creature that was drawing him into its power. Goo, on the other hand, was facing some of his most terrifying fears, as a small army of orange demons, as if they had come out of the Lantern, surrounded him. The little lizard was pale as chalk and he kept calling out for his friend. After several inhuman screams, Larfleeze finally snapped. He was back in the room, still holding the Orange Lantern in one hand.

Seeing his friend in danger, surrounded by orange entities, he quickly grabbed his weapon and went to help, but as soon as he made the first step, he froze again. No, leave him. Take me. I'm all yours. Nobody else's. Just yours. All you have to do is say my name. Do it. Leave him. A conflict arose. His friend was being devoured by orange demons, he wanted to help, he was destined to help his friend, he would never leave him, but the power of the Lantern was overwhelming. He couldn't control himself, it was as if some newfound emotion, a power that he never knew was so strong. It was avarice. Say my name and I am all yours. Torn and dispersed, Larfleeze couldn't fight it anymore.
Observing his friend's demise and listening to the echo of his disappointed cries, he threw down his gun and took the Lantern in both hands. ''OPHIDIAN!'', Larfleeze yelled from the bottom of his lungs, his cry drowning his friend's death, but also destroying the orange entities that had caused it. He was now their master. The old Larfleeze was gone and from his ashes, there came – Agent Orange.

One could only hear a sinister laugh and the oath: ''What's mine is mine and mine and mine. And mine and mine and mine. Not yours!''                                                                                                                                                     

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